Glitter or Sparkle Add-On for Your Design

  • $2.25

  • Include this item in your t-shirt, bag, or decal purchase to elevate your vinyl from a flat finish to a glitter or sparkle finish!
  • Please take note that according to the manufacturer's recommendation, it is not advisable to layer any kind of vinyl on top of glitter or sparkle vinyl. Although it may stick temporarily, the durability of the product is uncertain. At The Tiger's Trunk, we will customize your shirt as per your preference. However, we advise that glitter or sparkle vinyl should always be layered on top and never at the bottom. In case you choose to disregard our recommendations, we cannot be held responsible if the vinyl does not adhere permanently.
  • Before selecting an add-on, please read the explanation carefully to ensure that you choose the correct one:
    • 1 additional color - If you want to add glitter or sparkle to only one color in a design that has multiple colors, please choose this option.
    • Full 1-color design - Choose this option if you intend to add glitter or sparkle to an entire design that consists of only one color.
    • Full 2-color design - If you wish to add glitter or sparkle to the entire design that has two colors in the original design, please select this option.

Color sample shades may vary depending on your viewing device.