I Want Tacos Not Feelings cutting file package (SVG, DXF, JPG, GSP, PDF, PNG)

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Small Business Limited Commercial License: You may sell PHYSICAL items you create with these files up to 100 times. The images contained in these files are our intellectual property and we do not give consent to share, forward, or use them for profit in a digital format. By purchasing these files, you agree to this limited commercial license.

This is a digital download of a cutting file set. Nothing will be mailed to you. Upon payment, you will be able to automatically download your file. With this purchase, you will receive a zipped folder containing the above-pictured image in SVG, DXF, JPG, GSP, PDF, PNG.

We are not responsible for mishaps during the cutting or transfer process. We are not responsible for any file issues that may arise if you attempt to modify the original design. We do not provide technical assistance with our Instant Download files. We provide a Q&A below for troubleshooting and we suggest you read it BEFORE purchasing, especially if you use CRICUT DESIGN SPACE. We are not responsible for web-browser programs! These types of programs are inconsistent and often have glitches. **If you use a web browser program, purchase at your own risk.** We DO NOT give refunds on instant downloads for any reason.

Common Questions:
*Your file does not work properly on Cricut Design Space. Why?
We've had issues with many of our files in this program since their most recent update. If the SVG or PNG does not work on Design Space, please send us a message for assistance. I reiterate though: We are not responsible for web-browser programs!

*I am unable to ungroup my file for layering on Cricut Design Space.
This program does not allow the release of compound paths. All of our files are saved as a single compound path as that cuts down on trouble moving between programs. If you use Design Space and you need to layer your file, please send us a message BEFORE purchasing. We're happy to accommodate you with a file with separate compound paths that will work for your individual needs. There will be no extra charge for this as long as it is a quick edit on our part. If it is more involved (and it's usually not!), we will have to treat it as a custom design.

*How do I upload files to Cricut Design Space?
1. Extract the SVG from your zipped download (double click on a Mac, or right click and select "Extract All" on a PC) and save it in a convenient location.
2. Open Cricut Design Space, and select the “New Project” button, or click "File," then "New."
3. Click the "Upload" button at the bottom of the left vertical panel.
4. Click the "Upload Image" button on the next screen.
5. Drag and drop the SVG file here, or select "Browse" and upload it that way.
6. Select "Save."
7. Highlight the image and select "Insert Images."

*How do I upload files to Silhouette Studio?
1. Check which version of Studio you have. If you have the free version that came with your machine (the Basic Edition), you must use the DXF files. If you have paid to upgrade (the Designer Edition or above), you may use either the DXF or the SVG.
2. Open Silhouette Studio, and select File, Import, Import to Library from the top menu.
3. Navigate to the location where you saved your files, and select the file.
4. Your Library will open, and Studio will automatically place the file in your My Own Designs folder.
5. Open the file by double clicking the thumbnail image in your Library.
6. If the file shows up as a black blob in the Designer Edition, you have the program set to merge the layers. Right click, and ungroup the image. Then you will be able to access all of the layers and recolor them as needed.
7. To access the file in the future, select File, Library from the top menu bar. You will see the file in your My Own Designs folder.

*Why does my SVG file show up as an ART5 file?
This can happen when your files become corrupted during the download process, typically because of a slow download speed, or an interruption in the download. Please delete your files and go back to your receipt to download a new set. I recommend ensuring that you don't have too many other items streaming or using up your bandwidth, to ensure as smooth a download as possible.

*I don't see my SVG file. Instead, I see my Internet Explorer / Safari icon. What is this?
This is your SVG file. If your computer isn't familiar with the SVG file type and doesn't have a program that natively opens them, it will designate it as an internet file, because it does know how to open the image (but not the cutting file) this way. With this in mind, never just double click on your file to open it in your cutting program - you must actually go into your cutting software and open the file that way. See above for exactly how to do so in your software type.

*I don't see my DXF file. Instead, I see a 3D Object. What do I do?
This is your DXF file. If your computer isn't familiar with DXF files and doesn't have a program that natively opens them, it may designate the file as a 3D Object instead. No problem! Just load it to your cutting software as you normally would.

*To print on transfer paper (if you're using Heat Transfer Vinyl, for example), you will need a mirrored version of these files and I do not provide that. However, you can easily flip them once you have opened them in the default software on your computer:

SVG in Design Space
1. Select the image.
2. Select "Flip."
3. Select "Flip Horizontal."

SVG or DXF in Silhouette Studio:
1. Select the image.
2. Select "Object" > "Mirror" > "Flip Horizontally."

JPG using a MAC
1. Double click on the JPEG file to open the image in Preview.
2. Click Tools on the top menu, and select Flip Horizontal. You can now either save this new version, or send directly to your printer.

JPG using a PC
1. Right click on the JPEG file, select Open With, and select Paint.
2. Click Image on the top menu, click Flip/Rotate, and select Flip Horizontal. You can now either save this new version, or send directly to your printer.

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