Personalized Valentine printable cards

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These personalized Valentine cards are perfect for your little one to take to his or her class party! Simply select your style and tell us your child's name in the Personalization box.

Please view the photos and read the descriptions below. See links for non-personalized versions of cards.

All files are jpg and should be printed on 8.5x11" cardstock. Cards measure 2.5 x 3.5"; tags measure 3.5x3.5"; other sizes may be specified.

Gnome Cards
"There's Gnomebody Like You"
"You're My Favorite Gnomie"
"I Adore You Gnome Matter What"
"You Gnome Me So Well"
"I'm Your Gnomeber One Fan"
"Thanks for Being My Gnomie"
"Be Kind Gnome Matter What"
"I'm So Happy I Gnome You"

Gnome Tags

There's gnome better gift to attach to these cards than a cute little miniature gnome! (affiliate link)

Dinosaur Cards
"I Think You are DINOmite!"

Dinosaur Tags

Pair these cute cards up with miniature dinosaur toys to make the cutest gifts for your little person's classmates! (affiliate link)

I Chews You Cards, black

I Chews You Tags, black

I Chews You Cards, pink

I Chews You Tags, pink

Pair these cute cards up with miniature dinosaur toys to make the cutest gifts for your little person's classmates! (affiliate link)

Racecar Cards
"I Wheelie Like You"
"I Never Tire of You"
"You Make My Heart Race"
"You Really Rev Me Up"

Racecars Tags, small

Racecar Tags, large
3 3/4 x 4 3/4"

Pair up these cards with these adorable pull-back toy cars for a super cute Valentine gift for your kiddo's classmates! (affiliate link)

Crayon Cards
"Have a Colorful Day!"
"You Make My World Colorful!"
"Color Your Heart Out!"
"I'm Drawn to You!"

Crayon Tags

Pair up these cards with these packs of crayons for a super cute Valentine gift for your kiddo's classmates! (affiliate link)

Monster Cards
“You Blow Me Away, Valentine"
"You Make My Heart Pop!"
"I'm Blown Away By You!"
"Don't Burst My Bubble"

Monster Tags

These will be scarily fun when paired with these make a face monster stickers! (affiliate link)

Monster Truck Cards, black
“I Wheelie Like You”
“I Like the Way You Roll”
“Valentine, You’re a Heart Crusher”
“Valentine, Let’s Roll”

Truck Tags, black

Truck Cards, pink

Truck Tags, pink

Pair these cards with these cute monster truck stamps! (affiliate link)

Love Bug Cards
"Hey Love Bug"
"Can I Bug You to Be Mine?"
"I'm Buggin' For You"
"You Are Cute as a Bug"

Love Bug Tags

These bug in a box gifts are a perfect match for these cards! (affiliate link)

Bee Mine Cards
"Bee Mine"
"Let's Get Buzzy"
"Let's Give Them Something to Buzz About"
"Hey Honey"

Bee Mine Tagsl

Make these cards extra buzzy by attaching them to these fun bracelets! (affiliate link)

Robot Cards
"I Like You a Whole Bot"
"My Heart Beeps 4 U"
"Some-Botty Thinks You're Amazing"
"R U Going to Be My Valentine"

Robot Tags

Put these cards with little miniature robots for a cute Valentine gift! (affiliate link)

Puppy Cards
"I Chews You, Valentine!"
"Valentine, You are Pawsome!"
"You're a Treat, Valentine!"
"Friends Furever, Valentine!"
"You're so Doggone Cute, Valentine!"
"You are Pawsitively Amazing, Valentine!"
"I Wuff You, Valentine!"
"Pugs & Kisses, Valentine!"

Puppy Tags

These cards paired with these puppies would make a doggone cute gift! (affiliate link)

RAWR Cards
"Rawr Means I Love You"


Pair these cute cards up with miniature dinosaur toys to make the cutest gifts for your little person's classmates! (affiliate link)

Slime Cards, green
"Be My Valen Slime"
"Happy Valen Slime Day"
"Wishing Goo a Happy Day"
"I chOOZe You"

Slime Tags, green

Slime Cards, pink

Slime Tags, pink

Slime Cards, blue

Slime Tags, blue

Pair these cards with a little can of slime! (affiliate link)

Tic Tac Toe
You're the Tic to My Tac
Have a SpecTACular Day
Happy Valentine's Day
You're Tic T*c TOEtally Cool

Gifting these cards with these games would be Tit Tac TOTally awesome! (affiliate link)

Wikki Stix Cards
"Valentine, I Think You're W!kki'd Awesome"
"Hey Valentine, Let's Stick Together"

Stick Tags

Pair up these cards with these adorable Wikki Stix Animal Activity packs for a super cute Valentine gift for your kiddo's classmates! (affiliate link)

Main Squeeze Cards

Main Squeeze Tags

Tie these to a baby food pouch or apple sauce pouch for a yummy Valentine treat! (affiliate link)

Mustache Cards, blue
"I Mustache You to Be Mine"
"I Mustache You to Be My Valentine"
"If You Mustache I Love You"

Mustache Tags, blue

Mustache Cards, red

Mustache Tags, red

Pair these up with fun mustaches to make fabulous gifts for your kiddo's classmates! Grab a 36-pack on Amazon for only $7.99!! (affiliate link)

Fruity Cards
"You Are the Apple of My Eye"
"Orange You Glad We're Friends"
"We Make a Great Pear"
"I'm Bananas For You"

Fruity Tags

Give these Valentine's cards with fresh fruit or these cute play fruit baskets! (affiliate link)

Alphabet Cards

Alphabet Tags

Pair these cards with these precious alphabet sticks! (affiliate link)

You Light Up My World Cards

You Light Up My World Tags

These are meant to be paired up with the popular finger lights to make a fun gift for your kiddo's classmates! Get a 40-pack for just $7.99!! (affiliate link)

S'More Cards
"I Need S' More Friends Like You"
"Sending You S' More Valentine Wishes"
"Life is S' More Fun with You"
"I Like You S' More Every Day"

S'More Tags

S' More Bag Tags
7" x 5" flat and 7" x 2.5" folded

Need s'more ideas to go with these cards? Look at this cute gift! (affiliate link)

Fish Cards
"I'm Hooked on You"
"I'm So Glad We Swim in the Same School"
"You're oFISHially a Great Friend"
"You're a Great Catch"

Fish Tags

Attach these cards to little packs of gold fish for the perfect snack! (affiliate link)

Bear Cards
"I'm Beary Glad We're Friends"
"I Like You Beary Much"
"I'm Beary Happy You're in My Class"
"I Think You're Beary Special"
"Life is Beary Fun with You"
"Life Would be unBEARable without You"
"You are Beary Sweet"
"I'm Beary Glad to Know You"
Not personalized:

Bear Tags

Attach these cards to little packs of gummy bears for the perfect snack! (affiliate link)

Ruler Tags
10” x 1.5"
"You Rule"
"Our Friendship is Beyond Measure"
"Our Friendship Rules"
"Inch My Way, Valentine"

Attach these cards to these rulers for a cute classroom gift! (affiliate link)

Zoo Cards
"I Long to be your Valentine"
"I'm Wild About You"
"You're so Hip"
"I'm Bananas for You"
"I Need ROAR Friends Like You"
"You're a Ton of Fun"
"I'm BEARy Glad We're Friends"
"I Think You're PANDAstic"

Zoo Tags

Your friends will be wild about these cards when you pair them with one of these fun zoo animal pieces! (affiliate link)

Construction Vehicle Cards
"I Dig You, Valentine"
"We're the Perfect Mix"
"You are Loads of Fun"
"I Like How You Roll, Valentine"
"You Life Me Up"
"I'm Hooked on You"

Construction Vehicle Tags

Pair these cards with these fun construction vehicle coloring books! (affiliate link)

Straw Cards
"You're exSTRAW Special"
"Our Friendship is STRAWng"
"Our Frinedship is Crazy STRAWsome"
"You're exSTRAWorindary"

Straw Square Tags

Straw Circle Tags
4" diameter

Cookie Cards
"One Smart Cookie"
"I Would Crumble Without You"
"You Are So Sweet"
"We're a Batch Made in Heaven"
"We Go Together Like Cookies and Milk"
"Chip Chip Hooray"
"Have a CHIPper Day"
"You're a Treat, Valentine"

Cookie Tags

These cards given with these individually wrapped cookies make for a yummy Valentine's Day treat! (affiliate link)

Cereal Cards
approximately 2.6" x 3.9"
"I CEREALously Like You"
"I'm CEREALously Glad We're Friends"
"Life is CEREALously Better with You"
"I CEREALously Think You're Great"
"I Hope You Have a CEREALously Good Day"
"I'm CEREALously Glad We're Friends"
"You're CEREALously Sweet"
"I CEREALously Hope You'll Be My Valentine"

Attach these cards to cereal boxes like these! (affiliate link)

Cereal Circle Tags
approximately 3.75" diameter

Attach these tags to circular travel-sized cereals like these! (affiliate link)

Play-Doh Cards
"Have a DOHriffic Day"
"You are aDOHable"
"DOH you want to be my Valentine?"
"You are DOH Best"
"You are wonDOHful"
"X's & DOH's Valentine"
"DOHn't Go Breaking My Heart"
"DOH Glad We're Friends"

Attach to mini size cans of Play-Doh! (affiliate link)

NOTE: You are purchasing a digital file that you print yourself. Nothing will be mailed to you. Upon payment, your card will be personalized and emailed to the address on your account within 24 business hours. Due to the nature of the purchase, there are no refunds on instant downloads.

By purchasing this file, you are agreeing that it will be for personal use only. You may not share, forward, or otherwise use it for profit. This file was designed by artists at The Tiger's Trunk, LLC, and it is our intellectual property. The illegal use of this file will be pursued.

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